About us

A Swedish company with Japanese owners

NKC Sverige is a Swedish industrial company with Japanese owners. Our business consists primarily of the manufacture of pressed, stamped, surface treated, machined and injection molded products. We supply these products to world-leading industrial companies.

New business area
We are passionate about environmental work and we aim in future to contribute to improving the global environment. This is why we have chosen to invest in a new business area in the field of environmental technology. Find out more about our environmental initiative here.

From all corners of the world
We currently have about 140 employees. Our devoted, innovative employees come from all corners of the world. The factory has been here since 1968. It was part of SKF Sverige and manufactured only components for the bearing industry. On 1 April 2011 the business was acquired by the family company Nakanishi Metal Works (NKC), with its head office in Osaka, Japan. Following the acquisition on 1 April 2011, we have worked on the transition from being a manufacturing factory within a large Group to become an independent Swedish company. During these first few years we have created a structure with a production system, quality system and ERP system. We have ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification.

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Since the acquisition, in addition to supplying components to the bearing industry, we have built up a new business area with manufacturing aimed at the automotive industry. In future we will continue to develop our third business area, in environmental technology.

Nakanishi Metal Works Co, Ltd was established in 1924. The head office is in Osaka, Japan. The company is family-owned and has around 3,000 employees all over the world. In addition to Japan, there are currently factories in the USA, China, the Philippines and Sweden. The first foreign factory was established in 1988 in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

NKC in the world

Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

Shiga, Japan

NKC橋梁点検調査, Osaka, Osaka prefektur, Japan

Nabari, Mie prefektur, Japan

Mie, Japan

Kawachi, Yahatahigashi Ward, Fukuoka prefektur, Japan

Kvibergs Brovag 10 Box 13067 40252 Goteborg, Sweden

Cebu, Centrala Visayas, Philippines

Athén, GA, USA